We support companies and organizations to develop and transform their image as well as their culture – and to implement these changes.

Changing culture is changing the rules of the game.

Because it’s always about the people, we work with creative, collaborative and iterative methods, like co-creation or design thinking.

How we work


Answers are a dime a dozen – good questions are priceless. We dive deeper, by raising questions and questioning certainties, The more targeted and expansive we explore the status quo, and define the common goal with you, the better we can define what needs to be done – and what doesn’t.


Successful change needs responsibility, enthusiasm and conviction. Which is why we involve all stakeholders in developing a solution from day one. We bring a wide array of methods to bear.


Change must be apparent from the inception – and continue to be so. Which is why we develop a change strategy and a roadmap to ensure both short term efficiency and long term results.


We finish what we start. This is why we support you in executing strategy and deploying all measures for internal and external communication across channels.

When do you need us:

  • when your company brand, story, communication and culture aren’t aligned.
  • when your position vs. the competition as employer isn’t differentiating or attractive enough.
  • when the values of your company or brand aren’t understood and therefore don’t come to life.
  • when your employees are overwhelmed by digitalization and need to redefine their role. when your company isn’t sufficiently attractive for digitals or other sought-after target groups.
  • when your employees aren’t sufficiently prepared for a change in ownership, generation or leadership and the associated change in company culture